Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another six month break from blogging...

It's been six months since I last posted. Not from lack of time. More just from motivation, and feeling as if I don't have anything interesting to say. My tremor continues to make typing difficult most days, and it's still hard for me to handle my camera with any proficiency. I continue to admire the work of my friends on Prompter's Anonymous and thoroughly enjoy their new blog.

In looking at my options for what I could more easily do, I have come full-circle, and found myself back where I began. I began my amazing foray into the art world in the mid-'70's with weaving, then spinning, macrame, and dyeing. And here I am back! I sold my beautiful eight-harness Harrisville loom several years ago, which breaks my heart now, but I was doing pottery then and didn't feel like I'd need the loom again, So, I happily helped  a very excited young art student from Atlanta load it in to a rickety truck and sent her off on what I hope has been a wonderful journey for her.  But now, I'm very happy to report that  I've dusted and shined up my faithful old Clemes and Clemes Modern Spinning Wheel from the 1970's.  I've also found some pretty neat equipment I didn't even realize that I still have. I'm slowly acquiring small amounts of fiber, and I've found lots more that I safely packaged through the years. I've already made some new friends by way of a wonderful shepardess I found online, Natalie Redding, of Namaste Farms and some here locally..

I believe that the slow, steady, rhythms associated with spinning will be easier for me than anything that requires more balance and dexterity, at least for now. Who knows--maybe there's even a riggid-heddle loom in my future.

I'm in no way am giving up on photography. I have an idea that my postcard for the exchange this year will feature some beautiful homespun yarn. At least, I hope so.

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