Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Postcards from all over,,,

I've been involved in postcard swap that Kat Sloma has done for two years now. I got my postcards done last year, but because of my illness, didn't get to send them out. The rules of the swap are that each person sends in five and receives five. Kat does all the sorting and mailing out.What a trooper she is to manage all this! This year, 190 people have participated. I've literally run to the mailbox every day since mid-August to see if I have a card waiting for me. I've received four beautiful cards so far. The first was from Pam, of www.myphotographyinfocus.com. The second was from Sarah Stevenson of www.sarahgstevenson.com. The third came all the way from Germany and Bhupali Gupta. And the fourth arrived yesterday from Tara Denny of www.TaraDennyImages.com. In the photo, top left is Pam's, top right is Sarah's. Bottom left is Bhupali's, and bottom right is Tara's.


I couldn't be more pleased--and there's still one more to go! This has been so much fun! I've taken a couple of Kat's classes and hope to again. You can see her work at her website http://kateyestudio.com. She's an amazing teacher and a great person.

Thanks so much to all of those whose postcards I've received!

By the way, the cards I sent in for the swap are of the photo I took and posted here last year of some baby socks I knitted and a baby blanket in process called "Preparing." So far, I know that they've been received by two people.

Enough for today...

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  1. I wondered who got my other postcards! I just did an image search and this post came up. Thanks for linking, I'm glad you liked your cards! Can't wait till next swap.