Monday, January 17, 2011

What it's been like today...

 This pic of Lily pretty much sizes it up. I spent the day doing some reading from Dr. Martin Luther King, and on a less philosophical note, trying to pull some things together around here. I gathered all of the photojournal addresses from class together for my bloglist. These photojournals are impressive. Not only can these women take photos, they can write. I'm envious, but I'm psyched! I can't wait to have more time to really read and take in all this food for the heart and soul.

This pic of Lily was taken with the camera in manual, set at f3.2 and 1/20. However, I put ISO and WB on AUTO, and the camera chose an ISO of 800 and the WB temp came out at 5000. I ran Amanda Padgett's Deep Clean I and II on it. Her actions are wonderful and I'd recommend that you check her out if you haven't already. Her address is below.


  1. What a sweet photo of your kitty! Thanks for the link -- I've never heard of Amanda Padgett, but will check out her blog.

  2. Thanks for the link! Sometimes we just have to get organized. I spent time Sunday doing a very similar thing with the photojournals people have posted. :)

    I just want to pet Lily!

  3. Beautiful image of a beautiful kitty :) Orange kittys are my favourite <3