Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is good...

Deb and I spent an hour or so yesterday in a new shop in town called Madison Tate's. Two wonderful young women have decided to turn their love for children, crafts, parties, and all things sparkly into a business and I certainly wish them well with it. I was on a mission to find the most beautiful tutu possible for Laney's birthday, so, of course, I found two. Her Aunt Morgan has said that she'd like to surprise Laney with the one one the right, and I naturally had to have the pink and black confection on the left. The ladies in Madison Tate's turned me loose with my camera for a little bit and I was very happy with some of the photos. I tried to be aware of lighting, and found that, as usual, I did do better on manual settings. I have to say, I do love leaving WB on auto. 

Like I mentioned, tutus aren't the only things available. The ladies have a lovely inventory of items for all ages. We saw some laptop bags we're both planning to go back for! They also have the most wonderful variety of birthday parties for children that I've ever seen offered. Too bad Laney's is already planned with invitations sent out, but Amanda says that Madison Tate's is on the top of the list for next year. 

Not my best shot--the composition's pretty bad with the rose slap dab in the middle, but the colors are wonderful. This tutu will make some little girl, uh...ballerina, very happy.

I know that this photojournal entry is far from significant commentary, but this little shop and these colors and textures warmed a cold day yesterday and transported me briefly from what have been some pretty bleak weeks. Finding a beautiful, safe and happy place in this rather scary world is significant. It was for me, and I decided to share it.


  1. The creative act of shooting can have such a positive impact on us! Love it. Wonderful colors. I would have fun in there too! Sometimes a photojournal entry is just how you are feeling that day, in photos + words. This is perfect. :)

  2. Seeing these beautiful tutus and beads makes me wish I were little again, and could get away with dressing like that! Beautiful lighting in what might have been a pretty dark store. The color really pops!