Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picture Fall with Tracey Clark

In addition to a nature photography class I'm taking at CVCC, I signed up for a thirty-one day online class called "Picture Fall." I haven't been super-motivated in either, yet, but I've been happy with some of the images I've gotten and what I've learned. The photo I'm including in this post was for the Picture Fall prompt, "Preparations."  We were asked to photograph something from our kitchen or something that we used in the preparation of meals. I spent a Sunday afternoon photographing my favorite casserole dish made by Greensboro potter, Deik Pierce. I love his pottery and always use his pieces with appreciation for his excellent shapes and luscious glazes. It looks like pottery is a pretty common theme for my photos. I suppose if I'm not making pottery, I may as well be photographing it!

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