Thursday, March 7, 2013

Washing fleece!

It's cold outside today, but it's sunny. Considering how non-productive I was yesterday, I decided to make today a better day by getting more accomplished. I had some bags of fleece that needed scouring, and I did spend some time yesterday on the internet studying about how I wanted to wash fiber. I washed some a couple of weeks ago by hand, but I saw some references on the internet about putting it in the washer in very hot water--and of course, with no agitation. The washer is simply filled with hot water and then the fiber is added and allowed to soak in Dawn dish detergent for around fifteen minutes. Then, the washer is allowed to drain, and the wool goes through the spin cycle. Then the washer is filled back up with very hot water and a little white vinegar, and the cycle is repeated. The centrifugal force of the washer practically dries the wool and makes it much easier to have dry, luxurious wool much faster.

Very easy! I like this way a lot and find it much preferable to washing wool in the sink. I did wipe out the washer carefully when I finished. As an afterthought, I found a tiny bag of brown fiber I've probably had for over ten years, so I threw it in to wash, also. It turned out beautifully. It's all beautiful to me. It feels so good to be consumed by a passion again. 

And, I took photos. I'm still using my photography skills, rusty as they may be. I've forgotten so much. Today, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get my fantastic camera to focus. I fiddled with it, but somehow knew it was not the camera. Not only was it operator error, it was simply that I cannot see to focus with my glasses on. I need new glasses so badly. Bi-focals don't work for me and they never have!

Speaking of photography, the day after I did the entry last week about making biscuits, I was contacted by an area printer. She had actually been on my blog and seen the photos I took several years ago of the Blackburn Pottery Festival, and wants to use them in the post cards and flyers for this year's festival. She had just left a comment on my blog that very morning, and had I not been looking back at all of my old blog entries, which I've never done before, I would have never seen the comment. Synchronicities never cease to amaze me!

The fleece is drying out on the drying rack, and every little bit, I peek out at it. It's so beautiful in the sun. I know the next time I see it out there, it will be shining with color. All different 
 colors. A rainbow of colors. Maybe Lainey will come help me dye. I'll use food colors, so everything will be non-toxic. Mimi is still too small, and still a little guarded around me. She just doesn't quite know me well enough to be sure I'm her Miss Jan, too. I wasn't around too much for her first year due to the surgery and my recuperation. Actually, she and Izzy have about the same difficulty putting into perspective how I fit into the grand scheme of their lives.

I talked with Morgan this morning. She said they had a great time on their "glamping" trip this past weekend. She said that Izzy has begun to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star all the way through! How cute! And, she has begun to say Emma, their female dog's name. She has been saying Gussie, the name of the alpha male. Gus is another story, altogether. He, of the alter-ego, Jack. Another story for another day.

May we all be filled with loving kindness.
May we be grateful and giving.

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