Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where does the time go?

I blissfully prepare for the babies. Yes! Two babies! Marc and Amanda are expecting their second daughter in October, and Morgan and Beth are expecting Button in December. Button's sex is as of yet undetermined, and Morgan has given her/him the sweet name of Button until they can come up with more definite plans. These babies have opened a floodgate of creativity! I've returned to knitting after years of not knitting. I think it's partly in frustration at not being able to weave baby blankets, but  nonetheless, I'm getting a lot accomplished. I'll have three grandchildren by Christmas! Hard to believe so much can happen in one year! Elaina is going to be a big sister and a big cousin and she's so excited about it!

I did take time out to go with friends Deb, Kim, and Erica to see Boney James in High Point at the High Point Theater. I'm a new relatively new convert to Jazz music, and I still prefer old style Jazz, but Boney put on a wonderful concert and it was great to get away for the weekend. This pic of
Boney was taken in a dark theater with my new Tamron 18-270 PZD. Not too bad. I was worried that it wouldn't be fast enough for concert shots.

 Beth received her Master's degree in preparation for completion of her PA program at Duke. Her undergraduate is from Smith. Bright lady. Very bright. She will finish up in August and the baby is due in December. Busy year for her and Morgan, too!

The other big news, lest I forget, is that Marc and Amanda bought a boat! Here we are jetting about Lake Hickory Mother's Day Sunday. Lots of fun! He makes a dashing pilot...

My blog posts are so family-oriented. I say nothing of any social or political importance. I used to have so much to say about so many things. I think spending so much time alone has made me quiet. Not deep, necessarily. Just very quiet. Since I last posted, the country has been rocked by storms and floods. Bin Laden in dead. Obama slayed the boogie man. Our kids continue to die in wars that nobody understands. New strains of diseases develop and take lives and I  blog about knitting. But this is my life in my little corner of the world. I pray. May we be filled with loving kindness.

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