Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting to recognize your eye...

I'm afraid I may have the eye of a blackbird. I find that I'm attracted to bright color and movement. When my friend and I visited our local museum, there were two newer exhibits. One was of a well-known local photographer, but I found that many of his photographs on exhibit lacked color. They were phenomenal, but only a couple of them actually moved me.

The other exhibit was of large, bright abstract paintings, mainly of birds. I didn't spend a lot of time in the exhibit, but it did brighten my spirits.

There is a permanent exhibit of Hudson River Valley paintings on display. I spent very little time in there. I know that the small, drab landscapes are not exciting to me. Unfortunately, several galleries were closed for preparation for new exhibits, so we were unable to visit the Folk Art, Catawba Valley Pottery, and Glass exhibits which are my favorites.

This is a very cursory description of a rather brief visit to a small, local museum this week. I do plan to return when the new exhibits have opened, which, come to think of it would be now. My favorite photo from the trip opens this post and was taken when I walked a short way down the hallway into the Science Center for children. Those red neon lights occupied me longer then the rest of the trip because I was determined to get them the way I wanted them. And I like them. Like I said, no fine art eye here. I've got the blackbird's eye for bright and shiny, folk art and weathered faces. I believe I learned something, and I believe I like that, too.


  1. What a fun way to describe your "eye"! So cool to see the attraction to bright color and shape in art show up in your photos. I really love the one of the lights at the top! It speaks to me too.

  2. I like your humorous take on your art outing. It's good to know exactly what you like and what you don't. I think that really helps us when we create. My eye is attracted to your red photo too.

  3. I can certainly see why your eye is attacted to the brightly lit photo at the beginning of your post but, I must say, I liked the softly lit gallery view at the end. It seems very inviting.

  4. I've no fine art eye either and have very little knowledge about what constitutes "good" or "bad" art; I go by what I like and what moves me - only way to do it in my opinion :) Really loving the top photo there as well!

    jennifée / littlescribe