Saturday, August 14, 2010

What makes a blog?

I know what technically makes a blog a blog. And, I know that my blog has a "without guilt" theme. So, I won't feel guilty for not posting for a month or so between. A lot has gone on. Elaina has kissed a boy! I have won a free class on Everyday Elements. I survived two exceptionally busy weeks at my job. We have all, as far as I know, been healthy and thriving! We have a wonderful beach trip planned for October. I am consumed by learning as much about photography and photographic editing as possible and, occasionally, I take photos. I make a point to put in some time daily studying or practicing photography. It has taken the place in my psyche that used to be devoted to fibers and pottery. Unfortunately, I think I was a better weaver/potter, but this is still fun. Here's a photo I did today of Lily talking to me. I used Coffeeshop and Everyday Elements actions and a Kim Klassen texture to give Lily some pizzaz!

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