Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today is Elaina's third birthday! The snow prevented her party yesterday and I didn't get to see her today. We talked by phone and she assured me that she's having a wonderful day. I remember the day of her birth so well, and the look on Marc's face says it all. We've all been enthralled with her. Marc and Amanda are such good parents; they seem so at ease with her and they have since the very first day. Being a grandparent is all I hoped it would be, and it's as much fun as others assured me it would be. I think I dreamed of being a grandparent, along with being a parent, all of my life. I had wonderful role models. Thank you Mama and Poppy, Granny and Papa Pitts, Mamie, Nanny...I guess I had a lot of them! God Bless you, Laney. I remain your loving and adoring, Miss Jan

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