Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laney won't call me Ami. Or Grandmother. She says that I'm Jan and that's what she wants to call me. It's funny when you consider that I, Jan, said while Amanda was pregnant that I didn't care what she called me because I was so excited about having a granddaughter. Sometimes, you get what you ask for. With Elaina, I did. She's more fun than I ever dreamed, and the magical girl is turning three years old the thirty-first of this month. Before she was born, I hoped to find something "different" she could call me. All the variations of "gran" were just too typical, so I found that "Amma" is used in may cultures for grandmother. I decided to tone it down just a little, so "Ami" was the result. She's never said the word. Not once. I'm simply Jan. No complaints. It's great to have a place where I can be Jan again after being forced to be Virginia by the business world.

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