Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think I could play with digital design forever. It is simply fun. Not simple, but pure fun. I don't think I've had this much fun with the discovery/mastery process since I started learning to do pottery many years ago. I've spent hours learning the basics of Photoshop Elements, but I've been fortunate in finding many good online written and video tutorials. Now, taking baby-steps into posting online has presented another huge challenge and I get so excited every time I learn a new step. I was thrilled today to find that some very talented ladies took the time to check out my posting here for "Art Creations Friday." Blogging seems like such a luxury. Having a completely open venue to freely write and post my digital play seems rich. A potter friend of mine from years ago used to say that we were all very rich in having clay as a medium for expression and a group of us having each other to enjoy our shared passion. This is a much more solitary pursuit, but it's wonderful to feel the joy in creating again. I am a passable potter. Far from what I'd consider an artist. But I've always taken great joy in doing pottery. I think I've found my next niche. This is a lot cleaner than clay...

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